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Rimfire Rifle Training Ideas to Improve Your Accuracy

Stay Sharp This Spring with Rimfire Rifle Training Where it’s legal to hunt with a rifle, hunters can achieve some incredible accuracy at impressive ranges. When compared to bows, shotguns, or even muzzleloaders, there’s really no competition. But unless you have a lot of spare time, some extra cash sitting around, and a decent shooting […]

Finding the Best Turkey Shotgun

What Gauge Shotgun is Best for Turkey Hunting? You can’t go wrong with a 12-gauge shotgun when it comes to killing turkeys.  Not only is it the most versatile shotgun size for hunting multiple game species, but it also has the most options when it comes to finding the right load for your target species […]

Best Turkey Loads for 2019

Turkey Ammo and Best Loads for 2019 As hunters, we LOVE options…especially when it comes to guns, gear, and ammo. However, sometimes choosing the right option can be challenging as we enter the depths of analysis paralysis, only to succumb to the right choice via means of trial and error. In the world of turkey […]