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Reasons Why Small Bore Turkey Shotguns Are Effective

Advantages of Small Bore Turkey Shotguns   Most turkey hunters have probably never used anything but a .12-gauge when hunting turkeys. Why would you? It is the perfect combination of power and range for taking longbeards, especially considering the advances to turkey shotguns and accessories over the last few years. Unknown to most, there are […]

Beginners Guide to Handgun Shooting

10 Handgun Shooting Tips for First Time Shooters   Handgun shooting is growing in popularity with more diverse audiences than ever before. People are choosing to shoot for recreation, hunting and purchasing handguns for personal protection. What this means is that there are many more first-time handgun shooters out there than ever before.   Learning […]

Beat the Winter Blues with Small Game Hunting

Mid-Winter Small Game Hunting Fun   This time of year, many people tend to get a little depressed. It’s probably because deer season is done, the holidays are mostly wrapped up, and the long winter months lie ahead of us. Not too encouraging, right? Fortunately, there are lots of great activities we can keep busy […]

Shotgunning Fall Upland Game Birds

Shooting Tips for Bagging Fall Upland Game Birds Whether you are busting big timber in search of grouse or moving alongside fence rows for pheasants, shotgunning fall upland game birds is a different kind of hunting compared to big game hunting. It requires a skill set unlike other types of hunting. Everything is moving, from […]

The Right Shotgun for Fall Turkey Hunting

Fall Turkey Hunting Tips for a Thanksgiving Bird When most people think about turkey hunting, they imagine scenes of springtime: bright green grasses popping up out of the ground with lime green new leaves budding out on the trees. But if turkey is primarily a bird destined for Thanksgiving table fare, doesn’t it make sense […]

Big Game Handguns for Sale and How to Choose One

Handguns for Sale for Big Game Hunting The majority of handguns for sale are designed for self-defense. These include your semi-automatic varieties filling the gun store cases or online gun stores web pages. However, often hidden in the back or absent altogether from the gun case are a set of pistols somewhat forgotten. Many do […]

The Best Hard Hitting Handguns for Sale

Concealed Carry Handguns for Sale with Knock Down Power Top rated concealed carry handguns typically have two criteria in common. They are easier to carry and conceal while still being able to pack enough punch to knock down your target. No gun is absolutely perfect, however. Women often feel more comfortable with different pistols than […]