Must Have Gun Accessories with a New Firearm

Gun Accessories to Go with Your New Gun

So you have made the decision to purchase a new gun. It is not an easy decision. What caliber should I buy? Which brand of firearm should I choose? All are important questions when deciding to purchase a new firearm. Whether it is your first gun or another addition to your already full gun safe, your next decision should focus on the right gun accessories to pick up as soon as possible after you leave the gun shop with your new firearm.

Gun accessories should match the type of gun you have purchased. If you selected a tactical rifle, then you are in need of specialized tactical rifle accessories like extra magazines and an accessory rail. On the other hand, if you bought a hunting rifle your choices of rifle accessories are more about the type of scope to add and which sling will meet your needs best. Although some kinds of guns are unique, most shooters with a new gun in their hands will need to have some basic gun accessories to complement their purchase.

New Firearm Must Have Gun Accessories

The popularity of shooting is higher than ever. With that, many shooting suppliers are flooding the market with shiny gun accessories. Many of these are just that, shiny firearm accessories that have little impact on improving your shooting or making your rifle better. No matter what gun choice you have made, here are five must have gun accessories for your new firearm.

Range Gear

After you purchase your gun, you are going to want to hit the range as soon as possible. The last thing you want to shoot at is a plain piece of paper while trying to sight in your gun. One, it  will not aid in getting your gun zeroed in and two it is not all that fun. You can start with standard targets with your firearm accessories. These targets will give you multiple rings to shoot and provide clear direction as to how to dial in your gun. However, standard targets are hard to see at long ranges without a high-powered scope or spotting scope. Upgrade to high visibility targets in your firearm accessories. These “exploding” targets make your bullet holes stand out from even the furthest distances so you can clearly see how well your shots are landing.

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Also, you want to make sure you have all the necessary safety gear for shooting. Many shooters already have ear and eye protection, but those that have just purchased their first firearm should include these must have gun accessories. Even if you have the eye and ear protection, the purchase of a new gun is a perfect time to inspect these important safety products and upgrade if necessary.

Gun Case

The next basic gun accessory is the gun case. Firearms are expensive and are an investment that will be passed down through generations if taken care of correctly. Protect each gun with a proper gun case. Long gun or pistol, keeping and carrying your new gun in a protective case keeps it safe from scratches, dropping and ensures your optics remain zeroed in.

Do not skimp this firearm accessory. Again, each firearm is expensive and to keep it shooting well a quality gun case is needed. Cheap gun cases can let the gun slide around. These cases are often hard to transport and have substandard snap hinges that can fail while carry a gun to the range or the field. A quality case should protect the gun, scope and any other gun accessories through transport and if the unfortunate drop should occur.

Firearm Cleaning Kit

A case is good for protecting your gun from home to field, but cleaning it after each use keeps it functioning flawlessly for years. Regardless of type of gun, keeping your gun free of dirt, gun powder and oil will guarantee that it functions as good as the day that it was built. Though it is always a good idea to own some universal cleaning products, make sure that you also have a cleaning kit for your exact caliber. Gun cleaning kits come in portable versions for quick field cleaning and more robust varieties for deep cleaning on the bench. Both should be part of your basic gun accessories for shooting. Having them is a first step, but knowing the best ways to clean your guns will make all the difference in accuracy and longevity of your firearm.


Depending on the gun, a scope may be a necessity, like with a hunting rifle, or simply a nice addition, like with a handgun. Scopes as a rifle accessory should be chosen based on the desired purpose of the gun. Hunting scopes should be variable power with enough magnification to see out to your planned shooing distance. Pick up a quality scope that is weatherproof and shockproof to avoid interference from the elements. Target shooters can upgrade to higher powered scopes to plink targets at great distances. These scopes tend to weight more but as a target shooter you are more than willing to give up some weight for a more powerful scope.

Comfortable Gun Sling

Not only will you want to purchase a comfortable sling for carrying your gun in and out of the woods, but firearm accessories such as gun slings are also a great way to steady yourself for long distance shots. As with gun cases, gun slings vary from basic to high quality. Use dictates which gun sling to go with as part of your new gun accessories. More advanced, field tested slings made from neoprene and other synthetics are meant for harsh use in the field. Whereas more basic slings are a good option for light use or range shooting.

There are a lot of basic gun accessories that go with the purchase of a new gun including range gear, gun cases, cleaning kits, optics and slings. With your new firearm in hand and all of the right gun accessories that go along with it, you will be better equipped to head to the range and start putting round after round through your new firearm.

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